Mass Yoga

I’ve been testing out my new Fuji Natura Classica before we head out on a  trip next week. On my way home from work, when I take the long way, I drive on Lyndale Avenue.  Lyndale Avenue between Lake and Franklin is a fun place in the summer.  On this particular evening, all the sidewalk cafes were busy and lots of folks were walking on the street.  But imagine my surprise when I saw about 100 people participating in some sort of mass-parking-lot-yoga!

Mass Yoga

The group filled the entire parking lot of the old RobotLove shop.  I really wanted to get in closer and take a few more photos, but there were already about 4 photographers with ridiculous-sized SLRs eyeing me suspiciously as I approached.  This one is the best shot.  Next time I need to get there quicker and stake my claim!

This photo really show what an amazing sight it was to watch these folks all change poses in unison.  Arms and legs shining with the late-day sun bending in a semi-unified way– it was quite beautiful!


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Wanderer, photographer, art historian, librarian, collector, friend. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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