hardware, 2010
Fuji Natura Classica

Om Lyndale Avenue, there’s this old hardware store.  Well, it hasn’t been a hardware store for many, many years, but the hand-painted signage remains.  The thing is, these days its become a canvas for local “graffiti” artists.

I think when we say “graffiti” we conjure up the image of symbols and tags simply left on buildings to mark some sort of urban territory.  But this Hardware store is more than that– within the last 6 months its gotten downright beautiful.

GLASS, 2010
Fuji Natura Classica

Some of the artwork is so elaborate, its hard to imagine someone standing there taking the time to paint it with such care.  I drive by this building frequently, but it seems like only every few weeks that I notice any major change.  I wonder if people paint it at night or in broad daylight?

Fuji Natura Classica

I hear that folks in the city were trying to make the building a landmark, but their campaign failed.  Instead, a developer intends to convert the building into condos with retail space on the ground floor.  I’m not sure how much of the original building will be saved, but regardless the graffiti will be gone from this corner as soon as construction starts.

I hope they at least give this building until the end of the summer before its all torn to shreds.  I really would like to see what comes next.


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