le Jardin Botanique

Waterlilies in the Jardin Botanique, Montréal

Like most large cities, Montreal has several sprawling green spaces.  The Jardin Botanique (Botanical Gardens) are the most manicured park in town, right next to the old Olympic Park.

Walking through the gardens took all day.  They’ve got a Chinese garden, a Japanese garden, an arboretum, and a garden based on the original inhabitants of Quebec, called the First Nations garden.  In the center of it all was an aquatic garden– a series of cement basins all at ground level that held all sorts of aquatic plants.  The waterlilies were all in bloom, as you can see above.

Strolling through the Chinese garden was one of the most enjoyable walks on our trip.  Somewhere in the maze of Chinese buildings, I snapped this photo of C:

C with Windows, Montréal

I really love this photo.  For me, it just reminds me of the shady stroll through the gardens, admiring the variety of plants and flowers.  Enjoying the park along with other travelers.  Soaking up the feeling of being away from any troubles back home.

Some people go for beach vacations where they just sit back and unwind.  I’m not knocking this, because I certainly understand the joy in taking a break and just relaxing.  But for me, travel is all about exploring new places, seeing new sights, and of course taking lots of photographs.  While my mind might still be active, I’m miles away from my own daily grind.  This whole trip, I didn’t even think about work or Minnesota or anything but enjoying the time in Canada.  And so even though my feet might be a little sore from trekking all over town, I really feel like I got some good relaxation time.


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