Waiting for le Métro

Waiting for the Metro
Waiting for le Métro

One of the perks of visiting other cities is that you get to ride public transportation.  True, sometimes they’re dirty or crowded– but to be completely free of my car for a week is really liberating.  In the evenings, you end up in various stations waiting for the train.  One night, I spotted this young man standing near the track, waiting for our train.  Something about the way he stood, or the way his pants seem to hang off his hip, or the way his hat is turned left in just the right way– I quickly snapped a picture.

Now that I’ve scanned it in, it almost looks like he’s been superimposed on the image, doesn’t it?  His figure seems to float on top of architecture of the station.  Its one of my favorite shots from the trip, without a doubt.


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Wanderer, photographer, art historian, librarian, collector, friend. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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