Minnesota State Fair

Its almost Minnesota State Fair time again.  For people who are not from Minnesota, the State Fair is in big deal here.  Its by far the largest State Fair in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country.  I’ve always enjoyed the fair as a place to get some spectacular photos.  But this year, I’m going to try to enter one of my photographs in the juried art show.

Every year, the fair hosts a curated show featuring Minnesota artists of all mediums.  Works are eligible for prizes in a variety of categories.  As far as I’m concerned, I just want to say that one of my photos was on display at the Minnesota State Fair.  Who wouldn’t want those bragging rights?

The chore, now, is choosing the best photo to enter– as I only get one entry.  If I make the cut, my photograph will hang amongst some amazing work.  If not, I get to pick it up before the fair starts and try harder for next year.  I’ve ordered prints of all my possible choices.  I have less than 2 weeks to decide which one I’ll enter, and then a few more weeks to have it framed and delivered to the Fairgrounds.

I’m looking for your advice as to which one to pick.  When you look at the following choices, which one jumps out at you?  Which one makes you want to know more?  Which one would you approach if you saw it in a crowded gallery?  Which photo will appeal most to the Minnesotan judges?

Here ‘goes:

#1: Winter Sun, Fremont Avenue South
Camera: Golden Half

Camera: Golden Half

#1 and #2 were both taken on the same morning. I walked out of my apartment and was on my way to Milwaukee to visit friends and family. The weather had been unusually warm, and overnight all of the mist and dew had turned to white crystals on the trees. I snapped as many shots on my little Golden Half camera as I could. The great thing about half frame cameras is that each click is only half of a 35mm frame. That means that almost immediately, you forget how many shots you’ve taken, and you’re unable to plan which shots will end up side-by-side. In the case of #2, one half was taken in Minneapolis, and the other in Milwaukee after driving all day.

#3: Waterlilies in the Jardin Botanique
Camera: Holga 120

I really love the dreamlike view of these Waterlilies with the strong vignetting. The more I look at this photo the more I enjoy the composition and the placement of the flower just off center. I think this one could have universal appeal, less tied to a place and time.

Milwaukee Art Museum
#4: Milwaukee Art Museum
Camera: Holga 120

#4 is one of my favorite photos of the last few months. If I had to choose today, this one would be the one. Am I crazy? Its really just one of those moments when you have a roll where 11 exposures are all duds, but then this one pops out of the bunch.

There are, of course, others.  If you’ve seen anything in my photostream or anything posted here on letitunwind that you think would make a good choice feel free to suggest them.  Comment on this post, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.  Include a link to your blog or photostream, I’d love to see what you’re up to!

Thanks to all who have been keeping up with the blog and who follow my on Twitter.  Its been great hearing your comments so far!


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Wanderer, photographer, art historian, librarian, collector, friend. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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4 Responses to Minnesota State Fair

  1. heather says:

    Oooh, I like these all A LOT! But I think #3 is the one for the fair. The color, the composition…it’s got a lot of “grab” for the viewer. A flower photo (which I think would be a hit at a venue like the fair) but not your typical floral photo. It’s really elegant.

    I think if I just had to pick myself, I would pick #2. But I wonder how much of that is my putting my own bias into it also.

  2. letitunwind says:

    Thanks Heather! Glad you’re checking out the photos! 🙂

  3. steve says:

    It’s #1 or #3 for me- leaning towards #1. Nice pics Eric!

  4. Sarah says:

    I like 4 the best. But I think 3 has the most fair appeal. This is of course assuming that the Minnesota State Fair judges are as ‘sophisticated’ as the Wisconsin judges seem to be….

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