On my way to the photo lab all the way up in New Hope, Minnesota, I pass by Redeemer Lutheran Church.  On the west side of their building they have a sculpture of Jesus with his arms outstretched.  I know that this is supposed to be your typical crucifixion reference, but to me it always seems as though Jesus is giving me a shrug:

Jesus Shrugged

I’ve always enjoyed this little inside joke with myself.  Maybe it is a shrug– maybe its better that way.

The building itself it pretty fantastic.  Built in 1965, and even has a little bit of that New Formalist architecture I was talking about earlier:



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Wanderer, photographer, art historian, librarian, collector, friend. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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One Response to Shrug

  1. dirklancer says:

    love it – I would probably secretly carry the same inside joke myself.
    -Jeff (lo-fi photographer and life-long lutheran)

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