This is me.  My name is Eric.

Originally from Racine, Wisconsin, my partner and I moved from Milwaukee to Minneapolis in 2008.  Its been a tough move for us both, but 2 years on and I think we’re finally starting to understand this place called Minnesota.

I’m very interested in travel and exploring unknown places.  Though our situation in Minnesota has prevented me from taking any large trips in the past couple years, we’re hitting the road (the skies?) again in June 2010, and I’ve resolved to make more travel happen in my life.

I have many disparate interests.  I have degrees in art history and library science.  I’m a bookbinder and book artist.  I collect stamps of French colonial Africa.  I collect vinyl records with a particular interest in vinyl from Brazil in the 1960s.  I troll thrift stores for vintage treasures.  But most importantly, I love to take photos.

I started taking digital photographs when I began traveling overseas in 2005.  I’ve more recently started collecting vintage cameras and toy cameras, and have returned to film photography.  True, the images I get these days aren’t always perfect.  But every once and a while I get a frame that is truly magical– and it makes all the pains of film photography worthwhile.

I started this blog as an outlet for my various creative endeavors.  I’d like to connect with other photographers, travelers, and artists.  I’d like to be able to show my work in my own forum.  I’d like to be able to reflect on the years behind me and document new experiences.

I hope you find something on this site that resonates with you.  Please feel free to interact with me.


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